Aquarius Software

Aquarius Software has become a Brazilian reference in technology, products and services for industrial automation and production management. The key to this consolidated position is the company’s capability to understand the local market and seek market-leading solutions and differentiated services from the shop floor to the corporate environment.

The company continually searches for the outstanding technologies, mixes software and services with new approaches and creates a range of possibilities and innovations to meet the challenges of each customer.

Aquarius Software team is formed by specialists in Automation and Operation Technology (AT / OT) and Information Technology (IT) ready to accompany the customers in their Digital Transformation journey.

The company constantly invests in keeping its current and future customers informed about key technologies and software solutions for the industry. Aquarius promotes large events such as workshops, seminars, webinars, fairs and has its own special event called “Aquarius ETC” – a technical and cultural meeting in some remarkable location, as demonstrated in the following video.


Founded in 1984, Aquarius Software was born when a group of professionals identified a market opportunity and created a new business (today known as “startup”) in software development. Its first products were designated for the services market in the Finance and Advertising segments.

From 1996, as a new commercial strategy, the Company started to provide solutions in the Industrial Automation segment, after signing a distribution contract for the process supervision software “FIX”, created by Intellution – a Group Emerson company later acquired by GE.

Competitive Differentials

Aquarius’s leadership and pioneerism are not only present in its products. The Company offers a series of synergistic and complementary services that add value to its customers and differentiate them in the markets in which they operate. Customer satisfaction surveys performed by third parties have shown that Aquarius’s After-Sales Service is considered its main differential by customers and integrating partners.

Industry 4.0

Focusing on Industry 4.0, once again Aquarius Software redirects its strategy to support the customers in their projects of digital transformation.

This role means our Engineering team is proactively working to build relevant solutions for LATAM industrial sector through the evolution of the solutions, research and evaluation of third parties’ solutions and inclusion and integration of several innovations to our services.

Contact us

Send an email to or call (+55) 11 3178-1700.

Brazil at a glance

  • Brazil is the fifth country in the world with highest population
  • Demographic Dividend: Brazilian population legally allowed to work (from 15 to 64 years old) totals around 80% of the population.
  • Brazil hosts many leading multinational manufacturers, as well as homegrown companies, in vertical markets such as aerospace, automotive, biofuel, capital goods, chemicals, construction, electronics, engineering, information and communications technologies, life sciences and oil and gas.